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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Download Whatsapp app all latest version for android and iPhone

Download Whatsapp app for your android phone and iPhone is very easy. You can download Whatsapp apk in your smartphone very fast. It is a social platform by Facebook. Facebook has purchased Whatsapp in the last of 2019. You can sign up with your phone number. It is very helpful for chatting online, messaging, free audio video calling. You can also share files and documents through Whats App.

Download Whatsapp app all latest version for android and iPhone

How to Download Whatsapp app?

You can install the Whatsapp app on your phone after downloading from Whatsapp web or Playstore. Always try the latest version of Whatsapp and go on its official website or Playstore.
There are some simple steps to install Whatsapp on your iPhone or Android.

  • Go to the official website of Whatsapp or Playstore.
  • Click on Download or “ Install” as shown in the picture.
  • After downloading the Whatsapp file, you can install it manually. ( if you downloaded from play store it will install automatically.)

Whatsapp has many new kinds of apps. There are some names of different types of Whatsapp.

  • GB Whatsapp
  • Business Whatsapp
  • Whatsapp Messenger App
  • YoWhatsapp

What is Gb Whatsapp App?

Whatsapp Gb is a new Whatsapp mod app that has lots of features that you can’t see in the regular Whatsapp app. This GB WhatsApp is developed by a man named Omar. In GB Whatsapp you can send more than 16MB video. You can also send big size files and documents.
Here are some awesome features of GB Whatsapp.

  • You can send or forward a message up to 600 people. 
  • GB Whatsapp allows you to send 90 images instead of 30 pictures.
  • You have lots of privacy features. You hide if you have viewed someone Whatsapp status or Whatsapp DP ( a profile picture). You can also untick the blue color of seen the message. The user will think you have not seen his message.
  • You can also hide your chats and lock them.
  • It has an awesome feature of lock your Whatsapp GB app.
  • You can also set online for 24 hours. But it will consume your battery fast.
  • It has many colors and themes which you can set according to your own choice.
  • You can get alert if your friend has changed his DP or status.

However, you can download it by searching on Google. You can also Download the Whatsapp GB mod app by searching on Google or Yahoo.

Business Whatsapp

Business Whatsapp app is free for downloading and using. It is developed for the businessmen who have a small business plan in their mind. They can grow their business on it. They are promoting their products by the Whatsapp business app. It is very useful and profitable for a new businessman.

It also has lots of features like connecting you with your customers and quickly responding to them.

Whatsapp Messenger App

Whatsapp Messenger is free for connecting you with your friends and customers. You can call them on Whatsapp messenger app. It is the same as the Facebook Messenger app. You can download it on your android and other smartphones. It will use your 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or Wifi data. You can send messages, photos, files and videos on it.


YoWhatsapp is moded Whatsapp. It is developed by the source code but it has more features which official Whatsapp has not. You can download YoWhatsapp for free by searching on Google. It can be dangerous because it is a mod apk.

What is the mod app?

The mod apps are those app which are modified and has more features. One of the best things they have not ads and premium features. But they are not as safe as the official apps are. Which are the best websites of mod apk? You can find all the best mod apps websites by searching on google or other search engines.


What is Whatsapp about?
You can read above all the details.