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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Deputy Accountant today Complete Solved PPSC Paper 22 December | Result | Past Papers

Today I m going to share today Deputy accountant today complete solved paper conducted by PPSC. You can read all answer keys of this deputy accountant today papers conducted on 22 December 2019 Morning time 9:30. You can also check Deputy accountant syllabus on our website. We are sharing all PPSC past papers for students who want to prepare online. We have also shared evening Deputy accountant solved paper on our blog.

Deputy Accountant today Complete Solved PPSC Paper 22 December | Result | Past Papers
Deputy Accountant today Complete Solved PPSC Paper 22 December | Result | Past Papers

Solved Deputy Accountant Paper Today 22 Dec

  1. You can read all questions of this paper with answers here.
  2. War of Kargil was fought between Pakistan and India in 1999.
  3. England and Wales hosted the last Cricket World Cup.
  4. Hazrat Ali was the first children who accepted Islam. 
  5. Agricultural shot term is in the game of Cricket.
  6. Sindh is called the bab ul Islam.
  7. Mouse was invented by Dougal Egelbert
  8. The Internet was developed in the year of  1983. 
  9. Jahad was made compulsary in 2 Hajri. Jang Badr also happen in 2 Hajri.
  10. Oranges are best way to get Vitamin C.
  11. Habib Ullah Marwet was the first chairman of the Senate of Pakistan.
  12. 10 December is celebrated as World Human Rights Day.
  13. Who hosted the Fifa World Cup 2018? Russia hosted the Fifa World Cup 2018.
  14. Which is the biggest river of Europe? Volga River . Volga River is located in Russia, Europe. It is 3530 km long which made it the longest river of the Europe.
  15. What is Angor Wat? It is a Hindu Temple complex located in Combodia.
  16. When PTV started it first Broadcasting in Pakistan? PTV started its 1st broadcasting in Pakistan on 24th November 1964.
  17. Who gifted The Statue of Library to USA? France has gifted the statue of Library to USA/ America on the their Independence day. It is located in New York city.
  18. The Heathrew Port is located in Which city? The Heathrow Port is located in London, a capital of UK/ United Kingdom.
  19. Who presented Poor Man Budget in the History of Pakistan? Liaquat Ali khan was a man who presented Poor-man-budget.
  20. The 6th Amendments of in 1973 constitution was made in which year? The 6th amendments was made in 1976 in the 1973 constitution. 
  21. When " Time Megazine" was founded? The Time Megazine was founded in the year of 1973. It was published from New York.
  22. Mona Liza Painting was painted by whom? This painting was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  23. When Timur attacked on India? The Nasir Timur invaded India in the year of 1398.
  24. Who was the first Prime minister of Pakistan? The first Prime Minister of Pakistan was Liaqaut Ali Khan who presented poor man budget and was assissinated in 1951 in Rawalpindi.
  25. In which country Lady Finger Peak located? The Lady Finger Peak is located in Pakistan.
  26. Where Charles de gaulle airport in? It is located in Paris, France.
  27. Who wrote Sona chandi drama ? Munnu Bhai has written Sona Chandi Drama.
  28. Which Country started first Hydrogen Train? The Germany is first country who started Hydrogen Train in the World.
  29. It is kind _of__to help me.
  30. How many carrats in pure gold?  Pure gold will be consisted on 24 carrats.
  31. Which of the following countries is not the member of SAARC?The Myanmar is not member of SAARC.
  32. What is the name of the Pakistan First fighter jet aircraft ? JF17 Thunder is first fighter jet aircraft of Pakistan.
  33. Which is the biggest Dam of Pakistan? Terbela Dam is the biggest dam of Pakistan. It is also mud biggest Dam. It is constructed on Indus River which is also longest river of Pakistan.
  34. The architect of Faisal Mosque belong to which country? Vedat Dalokay was a architect of Faisal Mosque who belong to Turkey or Turkish nation. The Agha Khan Award is also related to this project " Faisal Mosque Project".
  35. The 8th amendments give the power to President of Pakistan.
  36. Meteorology is the study of ? The Meteorology studies is about the Weather. 
  37. Who is the Author/writter of " Politics among nations" ? Hans J. Morgenthau was a author of " Politics Among Nations".
  38. Chaim Joshi Festival of which tribe? Chaim Joshi Festival is celebrated by Kalsh tribe.
  39. 72 Front  is biggest front size in MS word or MS Excel.
  40. Mark A. Milley was the 39th chief of USA Army.
  41. The idiom "Pros and Cons" meaning is.....
  42. Laudable meaning is? Loveable.
  43. Suba Banras main Sham Oddh main.
  44. Does she write a letter " change into passive voice > " Is a letter written by her"
  45. Wrong spelling " Tranyspre".
  46. Biggest District by area of Pakistan is Bahawalpur.
  47. Indonasia is most populous Muslim country in the world.
  48. Agartable Conspiracy belong to Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

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