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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

PPSC ESE Arabic Past Paper 19/5/2019

PPSC ESE Arabic Past Paper

Today I m going to share some specific and important PPSC ESE Arabic past paper questions. PPSC has taken this test (ESE Arabic ) on 19/05/2019.

VIP Questions ESE Arabic Past Paper


Date 19-05-2019
1.Big bang theory expanding or contractions. (google it about it)

2-South Georgia n south sandwich in UK where.(?)

3-Metatarsal. (?
5-Mili nagma jeewey jeewy Pakistan.(wrote by

Jamiluddin Aali )

4-Fatima bint e abdullah wrote by. (Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal.)

6-Jangal me dhanak wrote by. ( Nazeer Ahmad Chudary)
10-Redundant. (mean unnecessary)

7-Kahan raja bhoj kahan gangu taili. (indian Proverb Meaning ?)

8-Nairobi capital. (kenya)
13-First n last wife of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. (first = H.Kadija and Last = H.Maria al Qubitya)

9-Only wearers knows the pinches.
11-Tennis first strok is called. (Serve )

12-Salat e janaza takbeer. (4 takbeer in Nimaz e Janaza)
15-First guru of sikh religion. (Guru Nanak)

14-Taklamakan desert located in southwest Xinjiang in Northwest China.

21-Perimeter math question. (? read about it)

16-Biggest lake is Lake Victoria located in Tanzania.

17-Five year first plan of Paksitan was 1955 to 1960.

18-Idea of Pakistan wrote by Stephen Philip Cohen.

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging)

25Criminal investigation and security system (barcode, finger print or else. (?)

20-Television invented by John Logie Baird in 1927.
22-How to lock the keyboard. (Four ways to lock keyboard -But simple way is to press Window key+ L.
24-First finance minister of Pakistan was Rana Liaquat Ali Khan.

23-Nehru report ---1928
25.Business through internet is called E-commerce or E-Business.
29-Day n night equal on hemisphere date. (twice time 21 March and 23 September)

26-Brazil election president 2018.(Michel Temer become the president of Brazil in 2018)

27-Aswan dam constructed on River Nile.
28-Report without borders Pakistan press number is. (I don't get this question)

31-Drag from Excel and to word which key is used.( Ctr + Enter ----read More )

30-MS word open at a time how much.(not get this questions)