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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Aia File For Admob

Aia file for Admob

Salam Guys ! Today I m going to share some more aia file for Admob earning. Mostly people want some professional app aia files for Admob earning. Some people make Earning aia file for gaining good income from the Admob.

             Before going to in deep detail, i want to introduce myself. I started learning Android app development in 2017. I learned online app builder platforms like Kodular, Appybuilder, makeroid and Thunkable. All online platforms for online app builder are popular but according to my views Kodular and Thunkable are the best platforms. However, You can use according to your wishes. And after learning app development without coding, I earned money by making aia files for Admob. And I earned also by selling aia files for Admob earning to those people who were not able to make Android app for Admob Earning. Mostly Poeple  ask the following questions which are common questions and I will try to answer them.

Aia File For Admob
Aia File For Admob

1. How much I can Earn from Admob ?

Ans : You can earn money according to your hardwork. If your app gone viral then, you can earn a thousands dollar per day. And in a month you can earn also very good amount. But if you did not show any struggle and hard work then it is difficult to earn from Admob. I hope, you can understand by the example. If you work an hour  and earn two  Apple. Then, if you work two hour  you will earn 4 apple. It is funny example. But it is easy for understanding.

2. How I can Earn money  From Admob ?

Ans:    Some people who are new in the field of Online Earning don't know about the circle of making money from Internet. For those People, I will try to give you best answer. On the internet you can earn by doing same work as you do in your other duties which you do for a company or for a government. You do work for their profit and get your income from them. But they are getting their work done by you and paying you for your service. On internet, this same rule apply. Here on the Internet, you do online work for a company and this company pays you some amount which is fixed or on your skills. But in this article, question is still for more answer in detail. 

"How I can Make Money from Admob ?". You can earn money from Admob by developing your app and set ads unit in your app. Admob is an online Company linked with Google. Here both types of people are working. These people are advertiser and publisher. If you want to promote your business or product  by Admob or any other company which offer you to promote your product, then you will be called Advertisers. And publisher who are working for Admob or for you are called Publishers. You pay company , company pay them after taking some commission. And They earn and you promote your business. This is circle among Advertiser, Admob and Publisher.  All get some type of profit.
           If you want to earn moeny from Admob , then you will need to approve your Admob account. After Approving you will need a developer ,if you are not by yourself. If you are developer of Android or iOS. Then, it is very good for you. If you are not developer, then you will need to hire someone who can develop app for you. After the app development you should follow some following tips to boost your Admob 's Earning. 
Note : ( You should need some investment if you want to earn more money from Admob)

  1.  First of all, Publish your app on Playstore which is owned by Google. It will increase trust of Google in you.
  2.  After publishing your app on Playstore, run some compign of ads on playstore.
  3.  Best and Easy and Cheap ads service is provided by Facebook. Increase your downloads of your app by boosting your app on Facebook.

Free Tips For increasing your App downloads :

If you want to increase your downloads without any investment, then follow the following vip points.

.  Join some related Facebook groups and Share your app in the specific groups related to your content.
. Post on Twitter and Gplus and put some tags in it. If someone will search about it , your app link will come in the related content which he is looking for.
. Share your app link on big platform like reddit, Trumblr and Pinterest and give also tags here.

Aia files For Admob Earning  :