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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Download PSL AIA File


                 Today I m going to share with you a very simple and professional PSL aia. This is live cricket aia is built on the kodular. In this app I have also put extension of Drag Refresh. You can watch live cricket match and also can check PSL score table, Live Score , Team players, Teams , and many more function. .  You can download this aia link below and can put your ad unit in the aia and can also earn money from it. If you have more suggestion then please put your comment below so we can make next time more professional and unique app.

Drag Refresh Extension ;

      In this PSL Aia , I also used the Drag Refresh Extension. You can download or can get this extension from my aia file. However it was paid but you can get this one extension from my PSL Aia.

Sample PSL App Video :

Download Aia file  Below :

Download PSL AIA File