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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How To copy the Screen From aia file - thaljobs

How To copy the Screen From aia file :

                                               Today I m going to tell you the method how you can copy the screen from any aia file and can transfer copied screen to another screen. Copied screen from aia file will be consisted on blocks and design also.
                                               Now a days you always download aia file from different platforms and and modify them or take a look or try to understand of blocks and design. But sometime you have not time to create app so you want to design a screen in thunkable or appybuilder or any which you are working on. You don't know how to copy the screen from any aia file then this article is going to help a lot and will safe your time in your next app development. 

Software You Need to Copy Screen From Aia File :

                                                In this process of copying screen from any aia file, you will need some software installed in your computer. These following software you should installed in your pc which are mentioned below.

  •  WinRar
  • Notepad ++

After installing these software in  your pc you will go to the process of copying screen from aia files- 

How To Copy Screen From One Aia File - 

                                                                After Installing the required software in your system, you will have to download the aia file which screen you want to copy for your android or iOS app. After downloading the aia you will have to do the following process which are mentioned below step wisely.

  1.  Open WinRar and select aia file in it  Click on src>  and go on even you see all the screens of aia file - same below in the picture. 

How To copy the Screen From aia file
transfer screen from one aia file to another aia file

How To copy the Screen From aia file
How to Copy Screen from aia file 

   2.   Copy any Screen which you want -(Remember Copy both file of one screen , each screen have two file with different extension- one is for design and other one is for blocks so copy both file and paste them in a new folder.

( If screen has same name as in other aia file - then use notpad ++ and open both file of screen in notepad ++ and find the name of screen and replace them with new name and click on save.)

   3. Now do same process and open your aia file in which you want to paste your copied screen in WinRar as we did above And open "src" and go open and open even you get the screens . Now copy the screen from the folder where we saved them from another aia file and paste them into your aia file)

     4. Now rename your aia file and open it in your online app builder platform. You will the another screen which you copied from another aia having all design and blocks as it was .

Congrats ! You have completed the process of copying screen from aia file to another aia file. If you say this process like this " Transfer screen from any aia file to other aia file " then, it will not be wrong.

                 I hope you like this article and will help you a lot in your work in features. 

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