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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Ads Not Showing - Problem Solved

Ads Not Showing ;       

                                 Today I m going to discuss why Ads Not Showing in Android applications which are built on the online platforms like kodular, Appybuilder, thunkable. Admob ads not showing because Google has updated its policies and regulations a few days ago. As you know that google has disabled many Admob and Adsense accounts without giving any alert. However some people are still working on the Admob with properly work but they are facing the same problem that Ads are not showing in their App.

Ads Not Showing - Problem Solved
Ads Not Showing - Problem Solved


Why Ads Are Not Showing ?

                                Mostly people are worried that why Google Adsense are Admob ads are not showing in their app. But : today, i m going to share you that google has clearly mentioned that Only app which are published on playstore will show ads. Otherwise the application which are not published on playstore will not be able to show ads. Now you have to purchase the console account of playstore which price for buying is $25. Which Google charge you for the Play-store account. Mostly people who are beginner which cannot buy the console will have to get someone help or will have to pay some amount for publishing their app on playstore. But Today I m also going to share with a trick which will work 100% . Because it is working with me. If not work then please don't give me abuses. Because some tricks do not work for some people .who do not do properly or for anything else reasons.

How To Show Ads in Android App? 

         In this article I will try my best to teach you that how you can show ads in your app. And I m hopefully that it will work as I mentioned above. I used this trick on my new Admob account . So use this trick on your new Admob account. If you are using old one then I m not confirm that it will show ads are not. 

 For the Please follow some steps for showing ads in your app.

  • First, Download The latest version of Apk Editor Pro   ↠↠↠↠↠↠( Click here To Download)
  • Now Download any android app which can be modify ( I suggest you to download Computer shortcut key , Or Make Money Online)
  • Now Open Your Apk Editor and go To setting > Sign Apk With >  Select > Key created by Apk Editor.
  • Now come back and Select An Apk File > Decode All file > Find Ad units and replace with Your Adunits
  • Now Click on Build
  • Install it.....................I hope this trick will work definitely .

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