Friday, February 22, 2019

Download apk editor pro apk - thaljobs

Today I m going to give you the best Apk Editor Pro Apk for editing or modifying any apk. This Application (Apk Editor Pro Apk) Help a lot in building or modifying. The people who are using Admob platform for Earning use this for modifying android studio apk which have weak ad security.
This application helped many people in increasing the CPC of your earning through google Adsense.
Some people use Apk Editor or Apk Editor Pro Apk for checking other apk source code or files. It helps to get inspirations from others' android applications. 

Download apk editor pro apk - thaljobs
Download apk editor pro apk - thaljobs

Apk Editor Pro Specifications :

                             Today I m going to tell you the best specifications of apk editor pro. Apk Editor helps us in many ways but I m describing some major apk editor pro specifications below.

  1.  It helps us to change the ad unit of someone app and can put your own ad units
  2.  It helps us to increase our Adsense CPC or Admob CPC.
  3.  Apk editor pro helps us to take source files from any Android app.
  4.  Apk editor help to edit any android applications.
  5.  Apk editor helps us to see XML files in android apk.

My Own Story About Apk Editor  :

                           I m Admob and Adsense user.was working on my website and getting low CPC. I was disappointed and try to use many tricks but not get any result from it. Someone of my friend tells me about it. So I used this app apk editor pro and modified one of an android app. And I used this android app.The result was very beautiful and awesome. It surprised me. Once I get $34 for one click. And my average CPC was more than $1+. And with the help of apk editor, I earned more than $6000+. What the application I used and earned a lot.I will tell you all about them. And I will give you the link for downloading. The applications which are used for me are very awesome and easy for using.  These types of application have a low-security system about their ads. The ads are set through firebase or other online systems are secured. But the ads which are set in the app without any online system or not secured. Anyone who has the apk editor can hack the ad units of any app which security system is very low. I targeted some kinds of apks which were having low ad security and I replaced the ads with the help of apk editor. 

               It makes a good amount of money for me.  

Apk Editor Pro Video Tutorial :

                           In this video tutorial, I told you how you can edit any apk with apk editor pro or simple apk editor. But in this year Google has updated their systems and policy and only accept the signed apk. In this video tutorial, I also told you how to create signed apk with apk editor pro. 
So watch this video for modifying any apk with apk editor pro apk.

Download Apk Editor Pro Apk ;

Download apk editor pro apk - thaljobs
Download apk editor pro apk - thaljobs

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