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Saturday, February 23, 2019

AIA File - thaljobs

Aia File - Hello Guys I m very happy to tell you that I m going to provide all aia files for free. I m providing you all free thunkable aia file , Kodular Aia file, Appybuilder aia file, makeriod aia file , App inventor aia file and many other platforms aia files. But before going to providing you aia files I want to give you more detail about what is aia file?. I hope you will like my post about download aia files.

AIA File - thaljobs
AIA File - thaljobs

What is Aia File ?

          Before going to the aia files detail I will tell you about its history so you can know about it clearly and it would be best for you in future. Many years ago, the people who belong to this field of building android applications or android development were  compel to learn difficult coding for building android applications or android apk. They have to learn java ,html ,css and many others type of coding for building Android application. They were using Android studio for building apks. They waste a long period of time in building a simple app in the android studio and after a long struggle they built their one android application.

            But after the passage of time, there comes or lunched many platforms in this world of technology. They create many easiness in the life of developers. After lunching these types of platforms everyone in the world who have smart phone or laptop or computer can easily build android app without knowing any coding language.

            As in the android studio one app creator or android application developer develops android app and have all the coding in one editable file is called Android source files. Samiliarly, android source file online platforms have source file is called Aia file. Any developer who built android or iOS apk and the apk source file is called  aia file. There are thousands types of aia file which can be edit on the online app builder platforms . I m mentioning the name of some platforms where you can build any professional android app. And you can earn money with it also or you can also sell the aia file of it.

AIA File - Online Platform Builder

                   There are many online platforms which allow you to create an Android app or iOS application without coding . They are totally free for building android application. But the questions arise that what are the benefits they are getting from us. Yes ! they are getting benefits from us. When we use monitize our app with Admob or any advertising company ads in our app which we are building through these platforms. They get commission from our earning What is the commission percentage , I will tell you all things in detail.

               I m tell you the names of some popular platforms which are mentioned below.

  • App inventor
  • Kodular
  • Thunkable
  • Appybuilder
  • Makeriod

        These platforms are the best for building anroid app or iOS applications. What commission they charge from us, all detail about their commission percentage is mentioned below

Commission Percentage of  Kodular ;

           Kodular commission percentage is not confined exact amount. But they said that they take commission from us 5 percent to 20 percent ( 5% to 20%). Kodular take large amount of commission if you compare them from other platform or if you compare kodular with thunkable.

Commission Percentage of  Thunkable ;

                        Thunkable take commission from us between 5 percent to 10 percent ( 5% -  10%)
Thunakable charge less commission if you compare it with kodular.

Commission Percentage of Appybuilder:

                         Appybuilder charge very less commission for building Android application or saving Android aia files. Appybuilder charge 5%  commission ( 5 percent commission). If you compares Appybuilder with thunkable and kodular then appybuilder is charging very low commission. So appybuilder is best as it has all the components in it like others.

Commission Percentage of Makeroid : 

                        Makeroid Takes 5%  commission . If we Earn $1 dollar from our app then makeriod  charges $0.05 as commission. However, if you compare it with other platform it is also like appybuilder.  

Download Aia File -

                       Mostly people don't know how to make properly application without coding. So I decided to give you free of cost aia files . I have started youtube channel for providing aia files for fee. You can get free aia files of kodular , thunkable , appybuilder and makeriod. 

Here is my youtube channel Link  ---->>>>.

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