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Saturday, January 26, 2019

when you should get free content for your site

Before we move forward, we want to make sure you don’t go down this road without knowing what’s in store for you.
First, you need to ask: what will you use free blog content for?
The answer is: definitely not for your Tier 1 pages.
If you are looking for free blog content, one of the best ways to use them is for your tier 3 pages.

Tiers, you say?
It just means that a website should typically divide all its pages into tiers.
Tier 1 pages are your top landing pages. These are your high-priority money pages expected to convert, get traffic, and rank for your target keywords.
Lower down are your Tier 2 pages. They do pretty well, and these pages should all direct their own traffic by linking to your tier 1 pages.
Finally, there are Tier 3 pages. These are the ones that get the least views but are typically more in number. These should direct their traffic by linking to Tier 2 and 1 pages.
Learn more about how a tiered site architecture works.
Now to reiterate: NEVER use free content for your tier 1 pages.
Free content are not detailed, comprehensive, and high-quality enough to fit the standards needed for a Tier 1 page, and using them can end up harming your site.
So let’s get that message very clear.
Basically, if you need some short pages built to describe some feature updates on your tool, new products you just launched, answer some frequently-asked customer questions, or quickly address a new minor Google algorithm change, then you’re looking to build Tier 3 pages.
But if you’re looking to rank against competitors, get more leads, and convert those into sales, you’re looking to build Tier 1 pages, and you need to do more than push a few buttons to generate a free article or post a call for bloggers to come sending you with free material.
That’s not how that works.
If you look at top content from Neil Patel, Brian Dean, or Rand Fishkin, you’ll see that everything they produce took time in terms of research, preparation, writing, editing, and design work before they hit publish.
This level of effort is something you can’t simply get for free.
It’s either you spend all that time and effort yourself, or you hire professionals who will personally study your needs to give you bespoke, higher-quality, strategic content that will actually make a difference for your business.
But if you’re just looking for free blog content to build Tier 3 pages, then we can help you with that, too.
Still with me?
Now, let’s get to it!