Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Pelowains History , a village of Khushab District

Pelowains ;  Pelowains is little town or village of district Khushab and located in the tehsil Noorpur thal. Pelowains named on the two brother who was belonging to the UK- England. They came in sub-continent India and started living in this place and this place was named on these two brothers named Pelo and Wains-

Area  ; it has short area and all land is consisted on desert . The people of Pelowains are living in desert area. It is little town of 3rd biggest desert of Pakistan. There are many big hills of sand. People of pelowains  having tubewelled lands also .They made these plots after long struggle and make this eligable for harvesting crops.

People of Pelowains;  People of Pelowains are very wise and talented . They are famous for their higher education. Pelowains a little village or town of khushab have countless officers in the government departments .There are many judges and police officers and also in many departments. In many places they are famous for their skills .

Cancer Effected  The highest level of effected by the disease of Cancer are living in Pelowains and other villages around it. Many people die by the cancer disease in every year. They are effected with disease because they are living near the Automic Energy which excide harmful gases.