Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How to Connect godaddy domain with blogger 2019

Connect Godaddy domain with blogger is very method. If you are looking and don't know how to connect your godaddy domain with blogger or wordpress than you are on the right place..Mostly people purchase a domain according to their wishes and for branding their business or company. and they want to connnect it with blogger or any site of wordpress.

Now follow the step if you want to connect godaddy domain with blogger. 

step ; 
         Go to the and  go to setting.  and click add third party Url.
Image result for blogger setting

Step 2  

Add your domain (example ; and click on Save button

Image result for save third party url blogger

step  3

When you click on save here you will see the all CRNAME . You can copy these CRNAME and paste them in godaddy domain 

blogger CRNAME

In this picture you can see the blue colored "Settings Instructions" click here and you will see the all A records.  

A records for blogger

After getting  2 CRNAME and 4 A records from blogger or wordpress you will go to Your Godaddy account and Click on Domains . And select your domain and Go to DNS .

Godaddy All Records