Thursday, January 17, 2019

Hidden Google Mobile Phone Exposed Google make the Wireless Cell Phone of Your Desires

In a secret bunker hidden deep inside Mountain View, or maybe in Kendall Square, Google, the Alpha Dog of the Internet, is busy with a project that will dumbfound everyone. The Google Phone! Working undercover in the public domain, our Secret Agent Surfer Sam found exciting clues to the much anticipated Google phone. Today, Sam is here to spill the beans. 

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Google may soon unveil a breakthrough innovation, its new G phone. Rumor says it could happen as soon as 2008. The Google phone could be a truly smart phone, with fast web surfing, geo targeting, and a true user community experience. It may run on any cellular network. Calls in a WiFi area may be free. It may come with an open-platform operating system, to encourage third-party development and more new services. Eventually, it might even include speech recognition. When it comes, and it is coming, the Google phone will knock the wireless cell phone market on its sweet patootie.

Wireless Cell Phone Carriers Control the Market
At present, wireless carriers have a tight hold on the cell phone market. They decide what software and services consumers can access on cell phones. They also control the distribution of cell phones through their retail stores. It took a California court to rule that a cell phone carrier must “unlock” their phones, so that customers can use the phone with another service provider. The wireless carriers have exclusive control of a valuable market.

What the Google Cell Phone Offers

Google, on the other hand, is a well-known, consumer-friendly brand. The Google business model offers free use of all its applications, because advertising is the cash cow that pays the bills. The new Google cell phone may follow that same advertising model. On the G phone there would be no monthly service fees. Instead, voice and data minutes could be free as long the phone user allows advertising access. And since the Google phone will be truly open-source, independent software developers could build additional phone features. 

It is an ambitious goal, to make applications and services as accessible on cell phones as they are on the Internet. Powered by Google, the new G phone could allow people to exchange videos, photos, IM and data, cell phone to cell phone, person to person. The user could find the same Internet experience on the cell phone and on the computer.


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